Rod Riders meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. Locations change regularly so you’ll have to learn the secret knock.

Race Dates and SCTA Meeting Dates can be found directly at the SCTA website as well

El Mirage Time Trials
May 19th – 20th, El Mirage
June 10th, El Mirage
July 15th, El Mirage
September 9th, El Mirage
October 21st, El Mirage
November 10th – 11th, El Mirage

Bonneville Race Dates
August 11th – 17th, Speed Week
October 1st – 5th, World Finals

2018 SCTA Board/Reps Meeting Dates:
January 5th, Arcadia February 2nd, Anaheim March 2nd, Arcadia April 6th, Anaheim May 25th, Arcadia June 15th, Anaheim July 20th, Arcadia August 24th, Anaheim September 14th, Arcadia October 26th, Arcadia November 16th, Arcadia December 7th, Anaheim

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